Welcome to
Australian Handmade Artistic Wrought Iron Steel Studio By European Craftsmanship

We make all kind of exclusive tasteful and high quality Wrought Iron.

The Design and Work

From a simple idea, sometime a picture taken from a magazine or your own idea. Different motif like hearts, floral design or pattern can be incorporated
into the design.
The only constraint is …… IMAGINATION !!!


Because the work is done by hand, the pieces are all individual;
which make it hard to estimate a price before the final design has been chosen.

As if you buy a car, you have to choose would I like to buy a Mercedes or a Lada ?
The quality and price is different !
You may expect the same in our shop !

We can or will not compare with aluminium prices.
But… We will promise you a very high quality and service plus a exclusive stylish, classic handmade design, where most pieces is individual non prefabricated pattern.

Some god Advices about your new investment
Hand Forged pieces can be used inside, but…
if they are to be used outside, they should be rust-proofed before installation

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