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Our Blacksmith Rene’ Rasmussen


An Artisan with Royal Connection



Rene’ and Judith
Emigrated to Australia in 1995,
along with shipping container packed
with Rene’s heirloom blacksmith’s tools,
ready to start a new life in Australia.

Initially,Rene’ worked two jobs,
as a resident blacksmith at
Australia’s Wonderland,Penrith,
and part time in Beaumont Street,
Hamilton Blacksmith shop before its demolition,
which was formerly owned
by the late Trevor Hazel.



A small horseshoe nailed to the handle of a
wooden toolbox
(see photo in old photo Gallery)
is a treasured,sentimental reminder og another
time and place in the life of Rene’ Rasmussen.

In his homeland Denmark,Rene’ being a farrier trained
in orthopaedic horseshoeing,was once appointed
to the Danish Royal Stables to shoe all the Queen’s horses
and artistic blacksmiting at some of the Queens castle’s..
(see photo in old photo Gallery)

The particular horseshoe was from the first horse
owned and ridden by Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark,
as a youngster.
As Rene’ shoed this hose,the shoe is priceless keeepsake
of a future king who is today making world headlines
with his Australian-born wife, Princess Mary.

The traditions of Blacksmith and iron artisan date back
many generations in the Rasmussen family,back to 1784.

Rene’ still today uses many of the tools used more than
150 years ago in his specialised craft as a hand forger.

So it was little wonder that Rene followed his
grandfather and uncles into the craft in 1969

Rene's Granddad in his old work shop
Rene’s Granddad in his workshop

He served his apprenticeship working for a contractor
to Carlsberg Breweries in Copenhagen ,
maintaining and shoeing the team of Danish draft horses
and did artistic blacksmith work in Copenhagen

At the completion og his apprenticeship he undertook a
course at the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University
in Copenhagen to be come a certified farrier.

When his old master retired,the breweries asked Rene’
to take over his contract at Carlsberg and the same
did the Danish Royal Stables.

He cared for the horses at both establishments
in the morning and then worked in his
blacksmith shop in the afternoon.

He specialised in artistic restoration work
for churches,heritage buildings and architects.
The Master’s Apprentice… Judith (his wife)

The couple work together creating original
one-off major works for a discerning client base
from around Australia and the Hunter.

When times allows,Judith follow her own creative pursuits,
sculpting her original-design wine raks,candelabras and the like.

She always knitted and sewed and could envisage design patterns
for the steel,(needle and treath didn’t work )so she had to learn
how to weld,she inrolled in a boilermaker apprenticeship
course in a class of young men who were starting their working careers.

It was a bit daunting at first; however,
I was finally accepted as one of them and
became the class grandmother.

She completed the course as a diploma certified welderwith a good knowledge of fabrication and steel manufacture.

January 2013

We have moved !!!!
After 8 years in Kearsley,we have now moved to:

beautiful Port Stephens.
Medowie is now our new home and workplace.
619A Medowie Road
Medowie,NSW 2318
02 4981 7174
Mobil 0402 190 835 or 0402 534 060

Please call before visiting

We have started the workshop
in one of the rooms we have available –
we are ready to take the job.

Our plans are to build an old-fashioned blacksmith museum in one of the other rooms, as most of our customers know we have a large collection of old original Blacksmith tool more than 150 years old.
We also hope along the way
to make a small gift shop with gift ideas
and lots
of examples of designs
so that everyone can get an idea
of ​​what we do and the quality we work with.
Since we currently and for the next months are busy
finish the customer order, there is not much time
to get on with our plans –
we hope for your understanding and patience,
until there is a little more display at our new address.

If you are interested in new update
on how long we have come, you are welcome to send your name and email address, we will contact you when there
is more exciting display to look at


The old photo Gallery is under construction
more photo to come


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