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Australian Handmade Artistic Wrought Iron Steel Studio By European Craftsmanship
Artistic Wrought Iron


Please note!

We have moved from Cessnock - to Medowie (close to Newcastle Airport)
New Address:
619A Medowie Road,Medowie NSW 2318 

Phone Office: 02 4981 7174
Workshop: 0402 190 835 or 0402  534 060 

Artistic Steel Studio 
   Exclusive hand crafted Wrought Iron




  Artistic Wrought Iron is for everybody
that likes Exclusive Uncompromising Quality
Made by One of the few Blacksmith who
still practice the AGE -OLD Craft…

We Guarantee you will be more than satisfied
with what we have to offer !!
 The fine quality and precision of our product,
we take pride in delivering high standard 
 Let Wrought  Iron highlight your place of residence,
public areas,landscaping or any form of display.
 The warmth of Wrought Iron matches any
classic or modern architecture
The age-old art hand forged art work brings functional art
into the garden and home and will be heirloom to be passed
on to the next generation as true hand forged examples
of an age-old craft by master craft people.
 We are sure that:
Architects, Designers, Builders
and Fabricators will gain an advantage
working with our Tool of trade.

 Cosy Iron Design are located:
in the hunter Valley close to Cessnock and all the well known Vineyards in the area
Our workshop is fully equipped with:
tools from a complete 150 years old European Blacksmith Shop
and together with more modern equipment we will be able to cover most jobs.
 Our Blacksmith
has more than 35 years experience in the trade
and is educated Artistic Blacksmith and Farrier

( who only does orthopedic shoeing and only in our shop)
NO out calls to horses.

He love nothing better than turning a person’s design into reality.
Most people come with some idea,he said,from a simple idea,
sometimes a picture taken from a magazine.
He draws up the design on his large work table to scale
and then starts work,heating and hammering away at the steel rods
until they take on the shape of the design

Cosy Iron Design’s attention to design
shines through every custom made hand crafted piece.
As well as specializing in major pieces.

We can create custom made :
 Furniture * Juliet Balconies * Staircases *
Hinges/ Brackets and hand forged nails *
Gates and Fences *Fire Screens and Tolls *
Candelabras * Beds * Bed heads * Mirrors *
Flower Boxes * Garden Items * Wine Racks *
Hat and Coat Stands * One of Designs *
Funny and unique sculptures * Wedding Accessories *

The list are endless and varied as the
client’s imagination and desire for original work

We don’t compromise with the quality
and don’t compete with the prices.
You get what you pay for.

All items made to order.

Our website  is made with real images from everyday life in the workshop,
some of the finished installationss at the customer,other under construction in the workshop or the finished job before sending them to the painter,
we try to keep this website as natural as possible,
so you will not be disappointed when you visit us – what you see is what you get

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